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Despite the high unemployment rate in the country, experts say people should consider many factors before saying ‘yes’ to an employment offer. This is a bitter truth, but there is an obvious truth hidden in that statement.

The unemployment rate in this country for instance is above 20%. This means that millions of people are out there searching for jobs; a development authorities describe as troubling.“Unemployment is a global problem, and in Nigeria, the current unemployment rate of 23.9 per cent is worrisome,”
The implication is that whenever a job vacancy is announced, thousands of people apply. So, it is not surprising to see people giving testimonies and celebrating job offers no matter how low the offer is.

In the excitement that follows such an offer, many people fail to ask the right questions and before long they find themselves on the hunt for a new or better job.HR experts say it is important for people to consider many things and ask questions before taking up a job in a…