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Improving employee morale has over the years been one of the major challenges of employers and management of firms. When the morale of employees is high, productivity and attitude to work improves, but if their morale is low, the reverse becomes the case.

There has been a lot written in the past about how to improve the morale of people in the workplace. It involves making people feel valued for their contributions, being there to listen to them, and making sure that they get the support they need to carry out their duties.

However, sometimes what is overlooked is that low staff morale is often a build- up of lots of little issues that, as they accumulate, cause morale to drop because they have been ignored in the past. It may be as a result of the way approvals are delayed, no water always in the dispenser; employee contributions are not considered or valued, etc.

Working on the morale of staff is the duty of everybody who has a supervisory role – from the Team Leaders to the CEO. Pa…